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Spell check

Teneo Studio incorporates a spell check which uses the solution language and Windows language packs and as such check will be enabled whenever the language pack for the current solution language is available. In these cases the system will highlight incorrectly spelled words within fields such as descriptions, examples, answers, flow name, etc.

Configuring Windows

The spell check functionality uses Windows native spell-checking and requires adding the language(s) in the Windows Settings:

Windows language settings

Error highlighting

The spell check uses the language defined in the solution, which for the following image is Danish:

Solution language

And anything not matched is marked as incorrectly spelled.

Output nodes in various languages

Right-clicking on incorrectly spelled words provides a list of suggestions which is provided by Windows.

Windows suggest correct spelling

Note: The option Ignore All is currently not supported in Teneo Studio.

Checked fields

The following fields in Teneo Studio has spell check:

  • Description fields for:
    • solutions,
    • scripted context,
    • global listeners,
    • integrations and their methods,
    • publishing environments,
    • entities,
    • language objects,
    • flows and their nodes, transitions and triggers.
  • Flow names and resume prompt texts,
  • output node answer text and resume prompt texts,
  • entity entry value when editing and not recognized as language object/entity reference.