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Resolving conflicts with libraries

Lexical resource information

Teneo Studio allows to use both lexical resources, such as the Teneo Lexical Resources, as well as project-specific language objects and entities.

However, when the name of an entity or either the name or alias of a language object in a referenced lexical resource coincides with the name (or alias) of a language object or entity in a solution, a conflict will occur and the message Lexical Resource Information appears at the bottom of the Solution Explorer. Clicking on this message will open a new contextual tab called Actions in the top ribbon of Teneo Studio containing options to resolve the conflicts.

Note: if having two language objects or entities with the same name, one residing in a lexical resource and the second in the solution, the object in the solution takes precedence.

The Lexical Resource Actions tab in the top ribbon provides the following options:

  • Conflicts area:
    • Reload: reloads the list of conflicting objects
  • Local Object area:
    • Open: opens the language object or entity located in the solution
    • Disable: disables the object in the solution
    • Delete: deletes the object from the solution
    • Rename: rename will add a "_1" suffix to the name of the language object or entity located in the solution
  • Lexical Resources area:
    • Open: opens the language object or entity located in the lexical resource
    • Resources: clicking this option takes the user to the Resources panel in the backstage of Teneo Studio.

Lexical Resource Actions tab

In the view of conflicting objects, the column to the left displays the icon of either a language object or entity, while the second column displays an icon which indicates if the conflict is in the name of a language object/entity or in the alias of a language object. Hoovering over any of the objects will display an informative message, giving information about the entity or language object as well as information related to the conflict.

Resolve the conflict

Conflicts can be resolved by deleting, disabling or renaming the language object or entity in the solution. This can be done by selecting the object(s) in conflict (multi-select by holding down Ctrl while selecting) and clicking one of the buttons in the top ribbon, depending on the action to carry out (Disable, Delete or Rename).

If choosing to rename the conflicting object, a unique name will be generated by adding underscore followed by a number. Alternatively, it is also possible to rename the object(s) manually by opening the object and write the new name in the Properties tab in the backstage of the object.

When choosing not to resolve the conflict

The user can of course choose not to resolve the conflict(s) and keep the conflicting name(s) of the object. As mentioned above, in this case the local object of the solution take precedence.

Once all the conflicts have been resolved, the Actions tab will disappear automatically.