Teneo Developers

Layout and zoom options

Zoom in and out

When objects are in edit mode, use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the flow graph, text fields, condition editor and entries table.

Bear in mind that the font size changes will be applied to all condition and answer boxes simultaneously.

Zoom in on the flow graph

Use the Zoom To Fit option available in the top ribbon of the flow to auto-fit the entire flow graph to the size of the window. This option is also available when right-clicking in the white area of the flow graph in a context menu.

Finally, in the bottom of the flow, a zoom slider is available to adjust the zoom of the flow graph. Note that Fit (Zoom to fit) and 100% options are also available here.

Rotating the flow graph

The flow graph is by default displayed from top to bottom, but can be displayed from Left to right by clicking the corresponding button in the top ribbon of the flow. To revert back to the top to bottom view, simply click Top to bottom in the top ribbon.