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Delete documents

Language Objects, Flows and Entities

To delete a Flow, Language Object or Entity, simply select it from the list in the Solution Explorer and click the Delete button available in the Edit area of the top ribbon. Alternatively, right-click the object and select Delete in the context menu.

Flows, Language Objects, Entities and Folders can also be deleted by dragging and dropping them on the Recycle Bin.

The following dialogue box will be displayed:

Delete dialogue

Choose between the following options:

  • Delete: this option will check whether the object(s) is used in the solution, so if many objects are deleted at the same time, the process will take longer.

    If the object(s) is used, a new dialogue box will be displayed for the user to select the object(s) to delete.

Items in Use window

Simply click the check box to proceed with the deletion of the object(s), and click Continue. Should the object(s) not be deleted, simply close the dialogue box or click Continue without selecting any object(s) within the dialogue box.

  • Delete without usage check: this option delete all objects without checking for usage within the solution. This option is faster when many objects should be deleted at the same time.

When many objects are deleted simultaneously, the process runs in the background and the user can perform other tasks during the process.

Global documents

Global documents in the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Globals) can be selected from their respective lists (multi-select by pressing Ctrl while clicking) and clicking Delete in the top of the view.

Emotions, Metadata and Variables are marked for deletion until next Save action is performed or the user clicks Apply. Contexts are deleted immediately, while deletion of Variables prompts the user to confirm the action.


Classes can be deleted from the Class Manager by selecting the Class(es) and clicking Delete in the top ribbon.

Teneo Studio will check if the Class(es) is used in the solution, and if this is the case, the user needs to confirm the deletion of the Class(es) by selecting it in the Item In Use window before clicking Continue.

Deleting a Class in use will also remove the Class from the Class Match Requirement in the Flow.

Recycle Bin and restore
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