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Integrating external services

Integrate external services

The Integration manager (Solution tab > Resources > Integration) makes it really easy to integrate pieces of the conversational AI application with external services or on-device applications to create a sophisticated user experience. Different devices can be set-up using the Integration panel, for example services to provide users with information in real time about the weather or latest news.

To be able to use external services in the solution, e.g. inside a Flow, first the service must be configured as an integration in the backstage of Teneo Studio. Once this is done, the service (or integration) is available as a Flow building block in the top ribbon of the Flow window.


Add a web service as an integration

For a web service to be used as an integration, the user will have to register first with the external service.

Then, an integration script must be created specifying the data that will be passed to the service and the data that is to be received from the service. For example, a weather service may require an API key, the location for which the weather conditions should be obtained, the number of days for the forecast, and the format in which the data should be received (JSON, XML, CSV).

Once the script has been created, use the Integration manager in Teneo Studio to enter the integration script and to add the input and output variables required.

Follow these steps to add an integration with an external service:

  • Go to the Solution tab > Resources > Integrations
  • Click Add integration
  • In the Integration window, give the integration a Name and optionally a Description
  • Images can be added to represent the integration (e.g. in the top ribbon of the Flow and in the Flow graph later), to do so:
    • Click Change image...
    • Browse to the image and click Open
  • To make the integration available in the solution, ensure that the Availability option is activated (Integration is available to use)
  • Click the white back-arrow in the top left corner
  • Enter the Method Name and a Description
  • Add the Execution Script
  • Define Inputs and Outputs parameters in the panel to the right by clicking Add Inputs parameters will be passed in to the integration script, and Output parameters will be passed back.
  • Add the Inputs/Outputs parameters' Parameter Name field and optionally a Description
  • Remember to click Save to conserve the modifications.


The History button allows to open and see the revisions of an Integration; click the version number (in red) to open and review a specific revision.

Version Flag

To set a stable version of an Integration, select the Integration in the view in the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Resources > Integrations) and click Set Stable to set the latest version to stable.

To set a previous version as stable, click the History button to open the history of the Integration and select the revision of the Integration which should be set as stable, lastly click Set Stable in the upper right corner of the window.

To unset a stable version, click the Unset Stable version.

Learn more about Version Flags.

Use the integration in a Flow

Once the integration has been enabled, save the solution and open the Flow where the integration should be added.

In the top ribbon's Add Node area of the Flow, the user will see a new button which have the name and the icon of the integration defined in the above section.

Clicking this button will add an integration node to the Flow.

Weather Forecast integration added as Flow node

Now, select the integration node and configure the options available in the right-hand panel: choose the integration in the dropdown list and select the variables needed to exchange information between the Flow and the service.

Search for the usage of an integration

To find out where an integration is used, follow these steps:

  • Go to the backstage of Teneo Studio (Solution tab > Resources > Integration)
  • Select the integration to search for
  • Click Search

Teneo Studio will now display a list of Flows where the integration is used.