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Ordering groups


Order groups come in a defined, absolute order. Intent Triggers belonging to a higher ranked Order group are always evaluated before Intent Triggers belonging to a lower ranked Order group.

Ordering relations are only needed and possible between Intent Triggers in the same Order group, and a relation defines the order between exactly two Intent Triggers.

An Order group can hold both Intent Triggers with and without relations. Intent Triggers without relations are sorted alphabetically from top to bottom in various columns.

Intent Triggers with relations are, by default, grouped at the top of the Order group while Intent Triggers without relations are grouped below.

To read more about managing trigger relations, please see the Trigger relations section.

Default Order group

When a user create a new solution in Teneo Studio, a Default Order group is automatically added to the Intent Trigger Ordering.

New Intent Triggers created in Flows are automatically added to the Default Order group until the user moves it to another group.

It is recommended to leave theDefault group empty, and users are encourage to move newly created Intent Triggers to other Order groups after creation.

Managing Order groups

The functions available for managing Order groups can be found in the Intent Trigger Ordering window's top ribbon under the Groups tab.

The areas Ordering, Edit and View present the same options as in the Home tab.

The areas of interest when managing Order groups are Groups and Move.

Groups area

Available buttons:

  • Add: add a new Order group, the new group will appear at the bottom of the current Order group view
  • Delete: delete the currently selected Order group, note that it is only possible to delete empty Order groups and that it is not possible to delete the default Order group
  • Set As Default: set the currently selected Order group as the default Order group.

Move area

Available buttons:

  • To Top: move the selected Order group to the top of the list
  • Up: move the selected Order group one position up in the list
  • Down: move the selected Order group one position down in the list
  • To Bottom: move the selected Order group to the bottom of the list.

Rename an Order group

To rename an Order group, follow the below steps:

  • Select the group and open the Properties panel available in the right side of the Intent Trigger Ordering window
  • Click in the field of the Order group's current name and write the new name
  • Remember to click Save to preserve the changes in the Ordering.

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