Teneo Developers

Merging solutions

Import additional content

Imagine wanting to merge an existing solution, say Solution A, with another solution, Solution B. The first step will be to export Solution B. After that, the process is as follows:

  • In Teneo Studio, go to the Solutions tab, but do not open any solution. Select Solution A, without opening it.
  • Click Edit in the upper right-hand side of the window.
  • In the newly opened dialogue box, click Import additional content from file and then Browse. Now, browse to the solution file (export of Solution B) to merge with the currently selected Solution A.
  • Click OK for the import to begin.

Teneo Studio will notify the user when the import has finished.

Import additional content from file

Order group behavior

The following behavior is defined when merge-importing a solution:

  • Order groups are only merged if the groups have the same Id
  • Order groups with the same Name (but a different Id) will have a number appended to make the name unique
  • All Order groups from the merge-imported solution will be added to the top of the Trigger ordering
  • The Default Order group will be the one coming from the merge-imported solution

Merging solutions with Global Context