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Create a Sub-flow

To create a Sub-flow, follow the below steps:

  • In the Home tab of Teneo Studio, click the lower part of the Flow button in the top ribbon
  • Select Sub-flow
  • The Flow window opens the backstage view on the Properties tab, add the Name of the Flow
  • Optionally, add a Description
  • Click the green Play icon or the back arrow in the top left corner to go to the main Flow window
  • Select the Output node, give the Output node a Name and optionally add a Description and Hyperlink
  • Then, click the Answer text field and write the conversational AI application's response in the field
  • Remember to Save the flow to conserve the modifications.
  • Now, in a parent flow, add a Flow Link node to the Sub-flow.

Turn a regular Flow into a Sub-flow

It is very simple to turn a regular Flow into a Sub-flow, simply click Sub-Flow in the top ribbon of the Flow and the Intent Trigger node is converted to a Sub-flow node.

Sub-Flow button in the Flow's top ribbon

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Linking flows
Passing information to the linked Flow
Finding usages of Sub-flows
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