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Prompt triggers

Create a Prompt Trigger Flow

Follow the below steps to create a flow with a Prompt Trigger:

  • In the main view of Teneo Studio, in the top ribbon click the lower part of the Flow button
  • In the dropdown menu, select Prompt Flow
  • The flow window opens on the Properties tab, add the Name of the flow
  • Optionally, add a Description and a Resume Prompt
  • Click the green Play icon or the back arrow in the top left corner to go to the main flow window
  • Select the Prompt Trigger node and specify the Name
  • Optionally, add a Description
  • Specify the Order Group
  • Under Expressions, add a programmatic script expression
  • In the Advanced Options section, specify if the Prompt Trigger should be Matched only once per session or (potentially) always

Bear in mind that if always is selected, the flow may be triggered every time that the flow stack is empty in all sessions. If wanting a Prompt Trigger to execute more than once per session, but not all the time, untick the Matched only once per session box and use programmatic or flow logic to control how often the Prompt Trigger will fire in one session.

  • Select the Output node and enter the relevant details
  • Remember to Save the flow to preserve the modifications.

Prompt Trigger Ordering

The ordering of Intent Triggers and Prompt Triggers is managed separately in Teneo Studio, but the principles are the same, and Prompt Triggers will be evaluated in the specified order.

To specify the order of Prompt Triggers, create relations, etc. the user needs to open the Prompt Triggers Ordering window; this is done in the main view of Teneo Studio clicking the Prompt Triggers button in the Ordering area.

Although not specifically mentioned in the Ordering section, all functionalities (but Suggest Ordering) are available also for Prompt Triggers. Therefore, for more information on Prompt Trigger Ordering please visit the Ordering section.

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