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Output nodes


The Output node(s) in the Flow graph permits writing one or more answers which are displayed to the end-user as the answer to their request when reaching a given Flow.

The Output panel available in the right-side of the Flow window allows to define various aspects related to the Output and answers:

  • Output section
    • Add name
    • Add description
    • Add output hyperlink
  • Answers
    • Add (another Answer)
    • Set Order (when more than one Answer is available, the Set Order button becomes available, allowing the user to define if the answers should be displayed to the end user randomly or in a given order)
    • Answer text field
    • Select emotion
  • Skip Conditions
  • Resume Prompts
  • Output Parameters
  • Metadata


In this section the user can give the Output node a name, write a description, and add an Output hyperlink which the conversational AI application can open when the Output node is reached.

To add any of the properties, simply click the link to open any of the corresponding text fields.

If the webpage referred to in the Output Hyperlink should open in a new tab, add an Output Parameter namedLINK_TARGET and give it the value _BLANK.


Here it is possible to add one or more answers to the Output node; more than one answer to a question can help the AI application to appear more intelligent to the end user and less repetitive.

Add an answer

To add an answer in an Output node, follow the below steps:

  • Select the Output node in the Flow graph
  • The Output panel opens in the right side of the Flow window
  • In the Answers section, write the answer text
  • Next to the text field, if emotions are available in the solution, select an emotion for the answer text in the drop-down menu
  • Remember to Save the Flow to preserve the modifications.

Random vs Set Order

The user has the option to indicate if the answers should be given randomly or define an order. The answer selection is random by default, meaning that the available answers will be given randomly every time the user triggers this particular Flow and reaches the Output node.

To give the answers in a sequential order, click the Set Order button (in the Answers section of the panel). Please note that this option is only available when two or more Answers have been added.

When this option is selected, the answers will be given in order until the last one is reached, and the last one will then be repeated if the user triggers the same Flow and Output node again.

The Cycle button (which only appears when Set Order is activated) makes it possible to cycle the sequentially ordered answers, so that the first answer provided will be given again after the user has been presented with the last answer in the list.

Skip Conditions

Skip Conditions can be used to skip an Output node in certain use cases. It is only possible to add Skip Conditions to an Output node when this is followed by a Transition to another Flow node.

To set up a Skip Condition, please see this page.

Resume Prompts

Resume Prompts are given when the end-user of an AI application returns to a Flow after interrupting that Flow to discuss something else.

To add a Resume Prompt to the Output node, first select the option Allow output to be revisited as this is required for the Resume Prompt to function.

Next, click Add and write the wanted Resume Prompt text in the text field. Optionally, select an emotion in the drop-down list to the right of the text field.

It is possible to add more than one Resume Prompts to the Output node, if more than one Resume Prompts are added, the option to define whether to display the Resume Prompts randomly or set the order will appear, similar to when more than one Answers is added.

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Output Parameters

Output Parameters can be used to provide the frontend with information that has no place in the regular answer text, such as displaying an extended view with more information or a video. To add an Output Parameter, simply click Add and write the Name and the Value of the Output Parameter.

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It is possible to add Metadata definitions and values to the Output node.

To add the Metadata, simply click Add and select the Metadata definition from the drop-down menu available. Next, set the value of the Metadata, note that it is possible to toggle between string value and script value.

To Watch a Metadata, click the button with the eye icon. This will highlight the Metadata assignation in various places of Teneo Studio, such as the Flow graph and the informative message appearing when hoovering over a Flow in the Solution Explorer.

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