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Linking Flows

Regular Flow vs. Sub-flow

It is possible to combine processes that were implemented in different Flows by a adding Flow Link node to a Flow, this way a certain main Flow can link to other Flows when some other tasks need to be performed or when some extra information is required.

It is possible to link to either a regular Flow or a Sub-flow:

Linking to a regular Flow

When linking to a regular Flow, the current Flow executes until the Flow Link node is reached. Then the parent Flow is dropped and execution control is passed on tot he linked child Flow.

Since control of execution does not return to the parent Flow, information can only be passed to the linked Flow, but no information can be returned to the parent Flow.

When needing to return information to the parent Flow: use a Sub-flow.

Linking to a Sub-flow

When linking to a Sub-flow, the currently active parent Flow will still be the active Flow after the Sub-flow is finished executing.

That is to say, the parent Flow is executed first until the link to the Sub-flow is reached; then the Sub-flow runs. When the Sub-flow completes, control is passed back to the parent Flow to continue execution.

Use variables to pass information back to the parent Flow.

To create a link to a Flow, follow the below steps:

  • Add a Flow Link node to the Flow, by clicking the Flow button in the top ribbon of the Flow
  • In the Flow Link panel (right side of the Flow window) add a Name and optionally a Description
  • Next, click Browse to browse to the location of the Flow to link to
  • Select the wanted Flow and click OK
  • Remember to Save the Flow to conserve the modifications.

Passing information to the linked Flow

Sending information to a linked Flow is done in the Flow Link panel, using Flow variables of the calling Flow. In the Flow Link panel, specify which variables contain the information to pass and map it to a variable on the receiving end.

Note that the section to define information to send to the child Flow is only available when Flow variables are declared in the parent Flow.

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