Teneo Developers

Flow window

Home tab

Flows open, by default, in read-only mode. To open a Flow for editing, press theAlt key while double-clicking the Flow or click Edit in the top ribbon of the Flow window.

  • The Home tab of the Flow window presents the Top ribbon; here the user can, among others, save the Flow, enable/disable the object, undo/redo performed actions as well as add new nodes to the Flow It is also here the user is able to select if the Flow should be Included/Excluded in Branching (Localization setup).
  • Flow editor this is where the Flow graph is displayed providing the user with a visual diagram of the dialogue, selecting any of the available nodes or transitions will provide further options to modify the Flow.
  • Panel (right side): this area displays different options depending on the currently selected node in the Flow graph.
  • Flow Panel (left side): provides a quick overview of things defined at Flow level, such as metadata, variables or Flow listeners.
  • Error Panel (left side): this panel is only visible when Flow errors are present; clicking an error brings the user to the location of the error in the Flow graph; read more here.

Flow tab

The Flow tab consists of a menu with the following options:

  • Save option to save the current, modified version of the Flow
  • Properties this tab allows to edit the name, description and resume prompt of the Flow, and it is possible to find the document number of the Flow
  • History this tab contains the history and lists former versions of the Flow
  • Variables in this section Flow variables can be added or edited
  • Listeners this section allows to add or edit Flow listeners
  • Metadata allows to add descriptive data which can be assigned to Flows in order to obtain reports and statistical information
  • Scripts allows to add Flow scripts
  • Auto-test in this section Flow tests can be performed either at solution level or Flow level
  • Close click Close to finish editing the Flow.