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Entities available in a solution

Entities are to make it easier to create linguistic building blocks containing a smaller or larger collection of entries to identify values and optionally extract relevant data from the user inputs via NLU variables.

The Entity building blocks can be used in intents and anywhere a Language Object can be used creating even more powerful natural language understanding.

A solution has access to the following collections of Entities:

  • Entities available in any assigned lexical resource, and
  • local, project-specific Entities located in the solution.

Entities from a lexical resource are not editable from within the solution, but can be opened in read-only mode and used in language conditions.

Entities, local to the solution, are under full control of the Teneo Studio user and these can be managed and modified directly in the solution.

Lexical Resource Information

The Lexical Resource Information will be displayed at the bottom of the Solution Explorer when local Entities conflict with Entities from an assigned lexical resource. Please note that this is only available when conflicts between Language Objects or Entities in the local solution and a lexical resource exist. To read more about solving conflicts, please see Resolving conflicts with libraries.

Search for Entities

Searching for Entities can be done in the Search tab.

Predefined Entity search

Note that it is possible to search for Entities in Current Solution, All Solutions, Current Solution and its referenced Lexical Resources or All Solutions and All Lexical Resources.

Asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard, indicating if the search should contain, start or end with the search-term.

For an overview of all available Entities in a solution, go to theSearch tab of the main Studio window, write *.Entity in the search field and choose the option Current Solution and its referenced Lexical Resources. The available Entities will now be displayed in the search results. Order them, for example by location for a better overview.

Use Entities

Entities can be used in conditions the same way as Language Objects.

The Entities can be referred to in Intent Triggers and language conditions, even in the entries of another Entity just as Language Objects, preceding the name of the Entity with the percentage sign (%).

To obtain suggestions in the condition editor for Entities and Language Objects, type % followed by the first letters of the Entity name, and then press Ctrl+space on the keyboard for the suggestions on Entities and Language Objects to appear. Select any of the suggested objects by clicking on it.

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