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Class manager window

Access the Class Manager by clicking the button in the top ribbon of Teneo Studio (the Home tab).

Class Manager window

The Class Manager window is divided into the following main areas:

  • The Class list (left side of the window) presents all the Classes available in the solution with their number of training data examples.
  • The Class details (right side of the window) shows the details related to a selected Class.
  • The Used By panel is available in the right side of the window when selecting a Class; it provides information of where the selected Class is used in the solution.
  • The Top ribbon presents the main management options related to the Class Manager:
    • Class Manager area
      • Close: close the Class Manager
      • Save Classes: save changes to the Class Manager; clicking the lower part of the button allows to save with or without comment
      • Import Classes: import multiple Classes and training data (file format required to be .tsv)
    • Classes area
      • Add Class: add a new Class manually
      • Edit: edit an existing Class
      • Delete: delete a selected Class
      • Filter Classes (text field): use to filter on the list of Classes
    • Training Data area
      • Filter Training Data (text field): use to filter on the list of training data examples
    • History area
      • Class: allows to open the history of a specific class
    • Stable Version area
      • Set: set current version of selected class(es) to stable
      • Unset: unset stable version of selected class(es)
    • Branching (right side of the top ribbon)
      • Include: use to include one or more (selected) Classes in local solutions in Localization setups
      • Exclude: use to exclude one or more (selected) Classes from local solutions in Localization setups.

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