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Predicate scripts

Predicate scripts are a type of attached scripts in addition to the propagation scripts. The predicate scripts allow users to attach NLU/annotation variable value dependent constraints to conditions. Predicate scripts are syntactically attached to condition with the colon (:) symbol and embedded inside curly brackets:


1%CITY_ENTITY:{lob.sCity=="New York"}

A predicate script, much like the propagation script, has access to the special variable _USED_WORDS as well as to the special, read-only variable called lob. This lob variable is a read-only map that is granting access to the NLU/annotation variable values from the language object, entity or annotation it is directly attached to.

This makes it possible to match a condition if a variable fulfill a specified criterion, for instance, only match on an annotation if its variable for confidence score lies within a given range or only match on an entity if a given NLU variable contain a specific value.

Following the same attach rules as propagation scripts, predicate scripts can be attached to

  • a bracket condition: (*):{_USED_WORDS!="hello"}
  • a language object condition: %ANIMALS.LIST:{lob.sAnimalType=="Pet"}
  • an entity condition: %CITY_ENTITY:{lob.sCity=="New York"}
  • and an annotation condition: %$NUMBER:{lob.numbericValue>100}

Access rules for predicate scripts

The access rules for predicate scripts can be found in the Condition Reference Manual.

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