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Teneo Inquire

Session Log format

The session log format has been updated in order to cater for the new Match Requirements and Data actions by adding new types of engine processing path elements; also some existing element types have been revised. This implies the implementation of the following two new path types:

  • pathtype="match-requirement" and
  • pathtype="data-action"

The type of the Match Requirement or Data Action is displayed in the subtitle.

Also note the parent-type of Intent Triggers is updated to intent-trigger since Class and Syntax Triggers are removed.

Teneo Inquire public API

A list of changes have been done in Teneo Inquire public API which might break existing installations.

Changes in endpoints paths

Old endpointNew endpoint

Removed endpoints

import/keyspaces is removed.

API object changes

In StartExecution object, field "index" is renamed to "lds". In DeleteAdornerAction object, field "index" is renamed to "lds". In DeleteAggregatorAction object, field "index" is renamed to "lds". In SaveAdornerAction object, field "index" is renamed to "lds". In SaveAggregatorAction object, field "index" is renamed to "lds". In UpdateAugmentersAction object, field "index" is renamed to "lds".

API query parameters

Query parameter "index" has been renamed to "lds" in the following endpoints:

  • tql/solutionrevisions
  • tql/submit

Query parameter "index" has been replaced by "lds" path parameter in the following endpoint:

  • tql/index-metadata

Form parameter keyspace is replaced by logArchiveId in the following endpoint:

  • import/session

Groovy client

Parameter name changed from "va" to "lds" in all affected methods.

Java client

Parameter name changed from "va" to "lds" in all affected methods. ProcessStatus class renamed "index" field to "lds".

Further improvements

  • When a data upgrade of a log archive is performed and the data upgrade version changes to a newer one in the log archives, the Synchronize tab is again refreshed correctly after clearing the LDS.
  • It is again possible to import logs in both compressed (gzipped) and .tle file formats in the Log Data Manager.
  • Users with write access to any solution linked to an LDS can edit shared queries for that LDS and the non-global user will not be required to open the linked owned solution in order to edit their shared queries.
  • When importing session into Inquire, the mapping from xml to JSON in earlier versions set the vid property of all Flow events to contain the value of the fid property; this has been corrected and the properties should now contain their correct values.
  • An error wrongly logged by the manager-client in the Studio backend when a user, without the correct user permissions, tried to to open or reload Log Data, has been reviewed to ensure correct behavior and a warning message is now logged instead for the given use case.