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Teneo Engine

Engine Scripting API

To accommodate the new Match Requirements and Data Actions, the following changes have been performed in the Engine Scripting API.

  • Method EngineAccess.Data.FlowTrigger.getClassName() is removed without replacement
    • The related value class-name is removed from the processing path data in the session log.
  • Values returned by method EngineAccess.Data.FlowTrigger.getTriggerType() are changed:
    • New value intentTrigger substitutes rule-trigger/class-trigger
    • Value prompt-trigger is renamed to promptTrigger
  • Method EngineAccess.findMatchingLanguageObjects(string, boolean) is renamed to findMatchingLanguageComponents
    • The old method still exists and works as before, but is now deprecated and thus logs a warning.

In both the Engine Scripting API and the Session Log format, new processing path elements for Match Requirements and Data Actions have been added.

Temp file removal

Each time an engine is created for a solution with a custominputprocessorsetup.zip resource, a temporal folder is created passing all data in the zip file to the Teneo Engine web app; when Engine is started, that folder is no longer used. If the user restarts Engine, a new temporal folder is created. These temp. folders was in former Teneo versions never deleted and since each folder can occupy several MB disk space, a new clean up of temp. folders has been implemented to avoid potential failure of the backend.