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Teneo Discovery


Teneo Discovery is deprecated as of the Teneo Platform 6.0 release.

Improvements to Installation and upgrade

The installation and upgrade process of Teneo Discovery has been reworked as it was found that the uninstall process didn't work as expected in former Teneo Discovery versions. This means that from this Teneo Platform release when receiving updates of Discovery, the older installation will automatically be removed.

For installations older than the current release, it is a known bug that the clean up of older installations needs to be done manually due to the uninstallation not removing the registry keys; this means that the shortcut on the desktop, shortcuts in the start menu and the installation folder in the installation path all needs to be removed manually for older Discovery versions.

Max file size

The recommended max file size for Discovery analysis in the recommended setting of 11GB heap space is 50MB. As a rule of thumb, the max. file size should be < 0.5% of heap size.

Note that the max. file size parameter for Discovery in Teneo Manager is not modified in an upgrade from a previous version of Teneo and should be modified manually.

Updated Word lists

The Teneo Lexical Resources' knowledge, used when establishing the Out-of-Vocabulary (OOV) words and as dictionaries for spelling correcting, has been updated as per the latest Teneo Lexical Resources in Teneo Discovery.

Further improvements

  • Discovery is updated to cater for the new Match Requirements when exporting in Bulk Import format.
  • Cancelling an analysis will now remove the analysis from the list in the analysis view of Discovery without display the message Unspecified Error next to the cancelled analysis.
  • It is now possible to use the Entities filter on Associations constructed from Concepts to find the items without any NER tag.
  • When uploading a custom list, e.g. stopword, merging or out-of-vocabulary, the Teneo Discovery frontend would in former versions crash if the name of the file was modified. this has been fixed and the user will in this particular use-case be displayed a message encouraging to check the name of the file.
  • The default folder when downloading Discovery is now set to be the "Download" folder.
  • A use case where the Discovery frontend would freeze up due to the database being down has been fixed.
  • Support for legacy log format is removed