Teneo Developers

Technology and deployment

Studio API

The Studio API has been improved to include several new endpoints for the handling of Integrations, Order groups, Global Variables, Global Scripted Contexts and Classes, as well as Solution Log, batch Enable/Disable of documents, and batch requests endpoints are also added to, for example, create several Flows or Global Listeners or to Include/Exclude elements in solutions taking advantage of the Localization setup. Furthermore, the endpoint for getting all publish environments has been adjusted to return a list, and notifications are moved to a new notifications endpoint group.

For specifics, please see the Studio REST API which describes the endpoints which can be called in order to interact with Teneo Studio for editing, testing and publishing Teneo solutions.

Teneo Manager

Administrator role

The Administrator role is again available in the User management page of Teneo Manager allowing to assign the administrator role to one or more users for them to carry out their tasks with their personal credentials.

The Administrator role allows to change user roles (add new, remove or update existing user), update the Teneo Manager settings as well as perform changes by using the Teneo Manager REST API.

Read more about Teneo Manager

Log messages

Null Pointer Exceptions have been reviewed in order to ensure that proper exceptions / messages are provided in logs.

Dependency Changes

ElasticSearch is updated to version 7.15.1; this implies updating also Logstash to version 7.15.1 as well as Lucene to version 8.9.0.

See complete list of Dependencies and Licenses

KI Resolutions

DescriptionKnown Issue
The My Work tab is now updated when a solution name is editedKI-178
In the Ordering window: selecting redundant relations after applying one or more filters no longer causes a Studio crashKI-637
The Solution list is now correctly updated after editing country and/or languageKI-647