Teneo Developers

Teneo Platform 6.2.1 Overview

Dependency changes

To mitigate a security vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) in Apache Log4j <=2.14.1 affecting Teneo 5 and 6 (all versions), Log4j is upgraded in the Teneo Platform 6.2.1 release to version 2.17.0.

ElasticSearch and Logstash are updated to version 7.16.2.

Pre-logging script

Enhancements are done to the Pre-logging script with the addition of two replaceUserInputText methods allowing to streamline further encryption use cases, where one method expects a function and the other expects a list of strings and a replace string to be able to replace user input, such as for example user names, or encrypt all the content. When the user input text is replaced, note that the information related to used words and input processing is also replaced as well as the sentence and word indices in annotations. For more information, please see the DialogHistoryUtilities page in the Engine Scripting API Javadoc.