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French and Italian Lexical Resources

For the 6.1 release, the French and Italian Lexical Resources have been enriched with about 100 new Language Objects each, mainly covering Telecom, Banking and also general vocabulary. A number of existing Phrase and Synonym Language Objects have been expanded and improved based on user feedback.

Dutch Lexical Resource

Time expressions of the format 7u or 22.00u etc. can now be recognized by the Dutch Lexical Resource.

Deprecated Language Objects

No Language Objects are deprecated for the Teneo 6.1 release.

See Deprecated Objects of former Teneo Platform versions

Conversational Modules

Danish Dialogue Resource

The Danish Dialogue Resource is now also able to recognize and respond to Emojis.

English Dialogue Resource

An incorrect transition has been removed from the flow "The user thinks the bot is bad or useless" in the English Dialogue Resource.

French Dialogue Resource

New training examples are added to the class TDR_JE_VOUS_POSE_LA_MÊME in the French Dialogue Resource.

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