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Studio API

The Teneo 6.1 release now also includes the Studio REST API as well as the Studio client and the dependencies list.

The Studio REST API describes the endpoints which can be called in order to interact with Teneo Studio for editing, testing and publishing Teneo solutions, while swagger/teneo-studio/client/index.html provides the jar files and dependency list for the studio client.

KI Resolutions

DescriptionKnown Issue
In Localization setups, Master updates are again sent to Try Out and triggers restart and reload of Try Out when applicableKI-610
When a disabled LOB in the solution has the same name as a LOB in a referenced lexical resource, now auto-complete in conditions displays suggested LOBs correctlyKI-641
"Improve the balance" again shows correct number of inputs matching a classKI-643
Korean Input Processor: the lemma annotation generated are now correctly upper-casedKI-649