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Teneo Platform 6.1 Overview


Teneo 6.1 builds on Teneo 6.0 versioning features in Studio to bring even more flexibility for solution development teams in the form of 2 parallel development streams.

This feature enables project teams, whether familiar with version control systems or not, to simply and directly within Studio support advanced use cases such as:

  • Parallel long running and short term development
  • Role / Task differentiation with dedicated teams for ongoing maintenance and improvement vs. larger feature implementation
  • Enabling teams to hotfix the published version of the solution even after the development of a feature within the solution has begun
  • Beginning work on iteration / release 2 whilst iteration / release 1 is undergoing acceptance workflow or pending Prod deployment.

Teneo Studio in 6.1 now has a public API - covering the areas of versioning, publishing, try out, test and global listeners

This Public API can be called from external systems / scripts and allows many new use cases, including:

  • In an environment with complex, containerized or strict publish workflow an external system could pull a publication from Studio on demand, run some checks and feed this into the external workflow
  • Auto-test could be automatically run every night and any degraded results be pushed to a ticketing system for resolution
  • An external testing tool or the end user frontend in development could be connected to the solution in active development via the Tryout API.

Teneo Studio

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 6.1 release, full details available here

Version Flags

Teneo 6.1 brings Version Flags to Teneo Studio, adding support for parallel long and short running development of solutions, allowing solution developers to set a specific document version as stable while continuing creating new versions of the same document and allowing to publish a stable solution while continuing development on the latest version of the solution's documents.

The implementation of Version Flags brings changes to Auto-test and Try Out, making it possible to test a stable version of the solution but also the latest version of the solution; also when publishing the solution developer will be able to select which of the two to publish: Latest solution or Stable solution.

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Teneo Languages

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 6.1 release, full details available here

Standard Input Processor chain

The Standard Simplifier and Standard Splitting Input Processors' properties have been reviewed for several languages to ensure correct behavior when inputs contain apostrophe.

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NLU Ontology and Semantic Networks

Teneo 6.1 includes improvements to the French, Italian and Dutch Lexical Resources.

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Conversational Modules

Improvements have been performed in the Danish, English, and French Teneo Dialogue Resources for the Teneo 6.1 release.

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Technology and deployment

Below a summary of the key features coming with the Teneo 6 release, full details available here

Studio API

The Teneo 6.1 release includes the Studio REST API as well as the Studio client and the dependencies list.

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KI Resolutions

Teneo 6.1 brings resolutions to some Known Issues from former Teneo Platform versions.

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